Hingham Town Council has 11 councillors  (11 Seats)

Peter Eldridge – Chairman –  01953 850890 – [email protected]

Daisy Foord – Vice Chair – 01953 852511 – [email protected]

Steph Amey – [email protected]

Pat Dore – 01953 850178 –  [email protected]

Christine Dunnett –  [email protected]

Graham Shingfield – 01953 850505 – [email protected]

Mary Sykes – 01953 850408 – [email protected]



A Town Councillor has a responsibility (in brief) to:

  • Attend meetings when summoned to do so
  • Consider, in advance of the meeting, the agenda and any related documents
  • Take part in meetings and consider all the relevant facts and issues
  • Take part in voting and respect decisions made by the majority of those present and voting
  • Ensure, with other councillors, that the council is properly managed
  • Represent the whole community

A councillor must abide by rules that apply to the disclosure of some business or financial interests (including include your employment, ownership of land, and business interests in the parish)

To view the  councillors declaration of interest forms please click the link below