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04 October 2022

Hingham Neighbourhood Plan



Hingham Town Council have agreed to undertake a Neighbourhood Plan.  The first stage of which is to designate the Neighbourhood Plan area, this designation has been made and accepted by South Norfolk Council, the Neighbourhood Plan area is defined as the parish boundary.

To see the Hingham Neighbourhood Plan Area, please click here

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan is a community-led planning policy document to guide future development in the parish.  It can include policies about the use and development of land and buildings and types of development over the next 20 years . It may contain aspirations for improving the area or providing new facilities.

A Neighbourhood Plan will become part of the Local Development Plan for the area.  It will not be able to change the policies or block development allocations in the Greater Norwich Local Plan but will be able to influence future GNLP reviews.

Neighbourhood plans cannot STOP development, but they can help to SHAPE it as they are used to determine planning applications.

How is the Community Involved?

A Neighbourhood Plan is written with the community, so it contains the key issues that are important to residents and businesses.  There will be several opportunities for ideas and views of the community to be given through events and formal consultations.  When the Neighbourhood Plan has reached completion, there will be a referendum to decide if it is adopted.

Why does Hingham need a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan will make a difference to the future of Hingham.  It gives the community a stronger voice on planning matters, types of development and future allocations of land for development.

It can help to identify what facilities the community would like and what they want to see protected.

If a Neighbourhood Plan is in place a greater proportion of the Community Infrastructure Levy fund is made available to the parish so there is more money available for community infrastructure projects.

Greater Norwich Local Plan

Greater Norwich Local Plan Regulation 19 Consultation Response March 2021

(Greater Norwich Local Plan consultation response   March  2020)

Councillor Vacancies

Hingham Town Council have a vacancy for a new Town Councillor and are looking for  an enthusiastic community minded volunteer with a few hours a month to spare, to join the Town Council to make suggestions and help make decisions that can support the community and bring improvements to the town.

Councillors can also play a more active role by helping with projects and events, representing the Council on other committees within Hingham and being members of Working Parties.
You don’t need any previous experience of being a Councillor!!!

Just a few things which the Town Council do……
Provide some of the Footway Lighting, Caring for our Town Greens, Provide the Public Toilets, Maintaining the Churchyard, Maintaining and Administration of the Cemetery, Keeping the Fairland and Market Place Clean and Tidy, Liaising with other Authorities to bring Improvements to Hingham.

The Town Council are able to Co-opt new Councillors to the vacancies without the need for an election.
If you are interested in becoming a Town Councillor and would like to be considered for co-option onto the Council or would like some further information, please contact Ali the Clerk
email: [email protected] TEL:01953 483 891

Greater Norwich Local Plan consultation response 

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